November 17

AWE – R.T.M.N.



I had the pleasure of attending “A Woman Evolves – Charlotte” in 2018 and “A Woman Evolves – The Experience” in 2019. The names are similar but the stops on the journey were different. In sharing parts of her journey with us, we see Coré’s inclusive spirit with the harmonious voices of Sisters Cotton and the guidance of the Cotton family matriarch, Dr. M. Jeanne Cotton.
Coré gave us a snapshot through music of a woman’s journey in pursuing her dreams and her passions. The music unites us and reminds us to enjoy the journey of life and aspire to the dreams and passions that make each of us unique. Coré had us laughing, crying, clapping and singing along. She gave all of us something to think about as we continue to evolve ~ What are our passions? What are our dreams? And, what are we doing to make them happen?
Thank you for sharing your journey with us and I look forward to the save-the-date for the next phase of the journey…

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Coré Cotton

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